Learn and practice identifying, naming, and distinguishing polygons with interactive resources from GeoGebra.

Upper Elementary


Properties of Plane Figures

Use manipulatives, pictorial representations, and appropriate vocabulary (e.g., polygon, side, angle, vertex, diameter) to identify and compare properties of plane figures.

Types of Quadrilaterals

Name polygons by the number of sides. Distinguish quadrilaterals based on properties of their sides or angles; relate quadrilaterals based upon their hierarchical attributes.

Middle School


Angle Sum Properties of Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Polygons

Use a variety of triangles, quadrilaterals, and other polygons to draw conclusions about the sum of the measures of the interior angles.

Interior and Exterior Angles of Polygon

Use properties, definitions, and theorems of polygons to solve problems related to the interior and exterior angles of a convex polygon.

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