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Unit 1 Topic 1 Assessment Review

Howdy Geo Students! Here is the review for your very first non-retakeable assessment of the year. If you have any questions at all, please email me - I will be checking my email over this weekend! If needed, I am happy to checking via zoom as well just let me know!

Directions for Constructions Below

You are the owner of five pizzerias in the town of Squaresville. To ensure minimal delivery times, you devise a system in which customers call a central phone number and are then transferred to the pizzeria that is closest to them. This map of Squaresville shows the position of the five pizzerias. You need to divide the town into five regions so that customers order their pizza from the closest pizzeria

Squaresville PIzzaria

Railway Map

You are going to design a new high-speed network. 1. The first railway will run from Washington, D.C. (point W) to New York, New York (point N). 2. A second railway will run parallel to WN, starting at Hagerstown (H). 3. How far apart should the railways be at any point along the way if the Hagerstown Station is 70 miles from the Washington Station? 4. A third railway is going to be parallel to HL, starting from Fredrick to Allentown. What is the relationship between the first an third railway? 5. In order to connect the first three railways, there needs to be a fourth railway. It will run perpendicular to WN through Baltimore.

Street Map

Construct the following using the criteria below and an appropriate tool:·      a. Main Street runs parallel to State Street.·      b. State Street runs parallel to Capital Avenue.·      c. Evergreen Road runs perpendicular to Main Street through point X.·      d. Eagle Avenue intersects Main Street and Evergreen Road, but is neither parallel nor perpendicular to either.·      f. Ridge Road runs perpendicular to Main Street through point Y.
1)    What is the relationship between Main Street and Capital Avenue?  How do you know?    2)    What is the relationship between Evergreen Road and Ridge Road?  How do you know?    3)    What is the relationship between Eagle Avenue and Ridge Road?  How do you know?

Street Map

Equation Problems

1. Segment AD is the perpendicular bisector of segment CB. If CD = x + 6, angle CBD = 5x - 1 degrees, and DB = , Find AB and

2. Ray OR is the angle bisector of angle BOC. If the measure of angle BOR = , and the measure of angle = ROC = 5x + 6, find the measure of angle BOC.