GeoGebra Book: islamic geometric patterns

For a long time Islamitic decoratif pattern stood as a synonym for ruler and compss constructions and the Alhambra in Granada. An uplifting article in 2007 in Science raised much attention and opened the eyes of the world for Iranian patterns and a different approach, until then only known by specialists. All of a sudden everybody spoke about girih tiles, quasi-crystallyne structures ann Penrose tilings. It also raised many comments by specialists and many interesting articles and books were published. The aim of this GeoGebrabook is to introduce you to this fascinating subject and the work of a number of specialists on it. If you want to discover and investigate muqarnas, see my book on this related issue at [url][/url].


chris cambré

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GeoGebra Book
girih  girih-patterns  girih-tiles  islamic-art  lesson  polygons  symmetry 
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13 – 19+
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