Parallel Parking optimization (US customary units)

In my brief moment of semi-fame, my exploration of parallel parking ended up in the New York Times 10th Annual Year In Ideas magazine [url][/url]. Shortly after there was a front page article in the local New Orleans Times-Picayune [url][/url] I certainly have to credit Professor Simon Blackburn, University of London, for his original work which sparked my interest in the subject. [url][/url] Even though Geogebra was never mentioned by name in any of the news articles, it was central to my being able to visualize the problem better and test/confirm my equations. This Geogebra model is in US customary units. I've also posted a metric model at [url][/url] My biggest thrill in this exploration was finding that a formula I was about to teach in my PreCalculus class -- the sine sum/difference formula -- was the key to solving this problem analytically. If interested, you may find the gory analytic details at [url][/url]
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