Find the Decimal Numbers on the Number Line

This can be used to demonstrate the existence of decimal numbers. Prerequisite is that learners have some prior understanding of representation of whole numbers on a number line By zooming in, the decimals in tenths, hundredths, and up to thousandths are revealed around the region on the number line where the point A is placed. You can click on the point A and drag the point to change its position, with your mouse. Prepare your own lesson plan to guide the students exploration. I do appreciate feedback for further improvement of this resource. (email me at, or find me in Geogebra forum - "lewws" ) File updated 15 Mar 2016 - revised number of decimal points of number A displayed and conditional display parameters. See for Antonija Horvatek's excellent webpage lesson on Decimals on a number line.


Lew W.S.

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decimal  decimals  hundredths  line  number  number-liine  numbers  tenths  thousandths  whole 
Target Group (Age)
6 – 11
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