GeoGebra Book: CALCULUS 1 and 2: RESOURCES !!!

[b][color=#1551b5]This GeoGebra book contains applets that can be used to foster active, student-centered, discovery-based learning, provide meaningful remediation, enhance opportunities for differentiation of instruction, and serve as a source of ongoing formative assessment. [/color] [color=#0a971e]These GeoGebra books display the amazing work from several esteemed members of the GeoGebra community. I am truly humbled and amazed by their talents. These comprehensive resources would not have been possible without their contributions. I would like to express a BIG THANK YOU to Steve Phelps ([url][/url]) Dr. Ted Coe ([url][/url]) Kevin Hopkins ([url][/url]) John Golden ([url][/url]) Irena Boyadzhiev ([url][/url]) Terry Lee Lindenmuth ([url][/url]) Doug Kuhlmann ([url][/url]) rockyroer_1 ([url][/url]) [/color] [color=#1551b5]More dynamic worksheets will continue to be added to this volume over time. [/color] [color=#444]Teachers: [/color] [color=#b20ea8]It is my hope that these resources help empower your students to actively (and meaningfully) discover these calculus concepts. [/color] [color=#444]Students:[/color] [color=#b20ea8]It is my hope that these resources help you discover & help reinforce these calculus concepts in a way that makes sense to you. [/color] [color=#1551b5]For questions, suggestions, and/or comments, feel free to e-mail me at any time. I wish you much success in your journey of teaching and/or learning mathematics! [/color] [color=#0a971e]Best, Tim Brzezinski ([url][/url]) Independent Mathematics Education Consultant Adjunct Instructor of Mathematical Sciences (Central Connecticut State University) E-Mail: Twitter: @dynamic_math ([url][/url]) [/color] [/b]


Tim Brzezinski

Target Group (Age)
17 – 19+
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