The Crazy Circle Illusion: How are these dots moving? GeoGeb

[color=#c51414][b]Inspired by[/b][/color] [url][/url]. [b][color=#c51414]For more details watch[/color] [/b][url][/url][b][/b] [b][color=#1551b5]GeoGebra week challenge[/color][/b]

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  • The individual white circles are moving in straight lines bisecting (actually diameters of) the larger red circle, correographed sequentially at equidistant arcs.
  • Actually, this is a nice way to illustrate the so-called [b]Tusi couple[/b] - a theorem first described by the medieval arab scholar Nasr al-Din Tusi around 1247 - see Wikipedia: [url][/url]
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