GeoGebra Book: PreCalculus Review

Worksheets intended to provide review problems for those preparing for Calculus. Most worksheets also contain information about videos at Khan Academy on the topic being reviews. Look at the directions above the worksheet to find video links. I have located a couple practice Calculus Readiness Tests. You might try them to identify specific topics you need to brush up on. [url][/url] and [url][/url] Feel free to email me at if you think there is an error in any worksheet (please be as specific as possible-a screenshot of the error would be most helpful). I tested them quite a bit, but there could be things that come up that I didn’t encounter in my testing. I would also like to know if you used these and found them useful. If so, can you think of ways I could expand them? I would encourage you to watch an introductory video ([url][/url]) to get a feel for how the worksheets operate.


Kevin Hopkins

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GeoGebra Book
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