Tool: Bézier Path, order n

Given n+1 points [math]A_0, A_1.... A_n [/math], Polyline [math] p [/math] through the given points, And moving point [math]M[/math] on the Polyline, with path parameter [i]m[/i], [b]BezierPath1[n, p, m][/b] Gives the Bézier Curve with endpoints [math]A_0, M.[/math] The order of the curve changes smoothly from 1 to [i]n[/i] as [math]M[/math] goes from [math]A_0[/math] to [math]A_n[/math], including each control point as it is passed. Example: [url][/url] _________ Tools which give complete Bézier Curves: 1.BezierCurve1[]: order n [url][/url] [b]→2.BezierPath1[][/b] order n 3.BezierCurve2[]: (concatenated) {link soon} 4.BezierPath2[]: (concatenated) {link soon}

Ryan Hirst

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animation  bezier  curve  spline  tools 
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