Tool: Bézier Coefficients, path follow

Let M be a moving point with path parameter [i]m[/i] on a Polyline through [i]n[/i]+1 points. M falls between points [math]A_{k-1}, A_k[/math]. [b] BezierPathCf[n, m][/b] gives the coefficient matrix C for the multiplication [math] P [C] τ [/math] P, the points [math]\{A_0 ... A_k\}[/math] τ, powers of t: [math] \{t^0, t, ..., t^k\}[/math] Construction: [url][/url] ______________ [i]Just give me the curve![/i] The following tools give complete Bézier curves: High Order [math] \;\;\;[/math] Order n curve: [url][/url] [math] \;\;\;[/math] Order n path: [url][/url] Concatenated [math] \;\;\;[/math] standard: {link soon} [math] \;\;\;[/math] path: {link soon} ...(more soon)

Ryan Hirst

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animation  bezier  curves  splines 
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