GeoGebra Book: Function as Object

[b]This is a series of applets drawn from the website mathMINDhabits [[url][/url]] that is designed for teachers of mathematics who want to deepen their understanding of the mathematics they teach and that their students are expected to learn.[/b] From a certain perspective the fundamental object of a great deal of mathematics is the function. There are operations such as addition, multiplication and differentiation on functions viewed as objects. Functions are objects that can be transformed by such transformations as translation, dilation and reflection. [b][ [i]For a more extended discussion of "function as object" please read the essay on the mathMINDhabits website entitled "Functions - Objects & Actions"[/i] ][/b]


Judah L Schwartz

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GeoGebra Book
as  composition  function  object  operations  transformations 
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