GeoGebra Book: Conic Sections

The main body of this book --under construction-- is a complete solution to the general problem: [b]Proposition[/b] [i]To draw a conic section of which five elements − points and tangents − are known.[/i] The chapters shold cover all subproblems: 1. Drawing solution 2. Projection and involution 3. Ambiguous cases -- coincident points 4. Stable coefficients from the linear equations (matrices) 5. Manipulating the curve by matrix transform. 6. Determining the properties (focal length, major axis direction...) 7. Descriptive coefficients 8. Conversion to parametric equations (orienting the curves). I intend to include among my GGB books all the auxiliary theorems, down to Euclid, for that is how I solved the problem. Your help is appreciated. I have so far left a great may steps undocumented. Let me know where there are missing theorems, and where additional documentation will help you. This is problem #64 in Heinrich Dorrie's [i]100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics.[/i] The rest are assorted worksheets. Most are sub-problems to larger projects, but I try to make my worksheets self-contained. Le me know if I can make these more useful to you.

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GeoGebra Book
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3 – 5
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