dividing a voltage with a shear resistance

A model to investigate the working of a shear resistance as a voltage divider. A lot of effort is put in the didactic modelling of the circuit. two Ammeters can be placed in the circuit, by clicking on the wires. The shear resistance can be divided in two separate resistors, by clicking on the slider. By clicking on the sliding wire the resistor is reset again. the switch can be closed and opened by clicking on it. By clicking on the battery the three different potentials in the circuit are indicated by means of different colors. One or two currents are also indicated by blue and orange vectors that change length according to the intensity of the currents. Also a checkbox is opened that can be used to show the values of the potentials and the values of the placed Ammeter(s) and Voltage meter. The latter can be placed over R_1, by clicking on this resistor. Clicking on the the battery when the potentials are indicated resets almost everything. The resistors themselves are suggested to be wirewound resistors, so their value increases as the dimensions of the resistors are bigger.


Ben Harkema

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circuits  divider  electricity  physics  voltage 
Target Group (Age)
15 – 18
Dutch / Nederlands‎ (België)
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