CCGPS AG 5.6.2 Example 3

A football is kicked and follows a path given by [math]y = –0.03(x – 30)^2 + 27[/math], where [math]y[/math] represents the height of the ball in feet and [math]x[/math] represents the ball’s horizontal distance in feet. What is the maximum height the ball reaches? What horizontal distance maximizes the height? What are the zeros of the function? What do the zeros represent in the context of the problem? What is the total horizontal distance the ball travels? If the ball reaches a height of [math]20.25[/math] feet after traveling [math]15[/math] feet horizontally, will the ball make it over a [math]10[/math]-foot-tall goal post that is [math]45[/math] feet from the kicker?


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