Effects of Slope

Objectives: • Students will solve for the slope of a line given two points algebraically • Students will solve for the equation of a line given the slope and two points algebraically • Students should interpret the effects the slope has on a line verbally by looking at a graph of a function • Students recognize that lines with the same slope are parallel visually • Students will solve for the equation of a line using point-slope form • Students will be responsible for putting the equation into y-intercept form Teacher Notes: • On the Geogebra applet, teachers should hide the slope and equation of Line_a and Line_b until after the students have solved for these themselves. • Teachers can use the sliders to show how a different slope value changes the steepness and direction of the line. • Use the check boxes to show the equations of the lines and the slopes of the lines. Also, move the points A, B, D, C to different points on the line to allow the students to solve for the slope. They should find it’s the same. • Students should be using point-slope form to solve for the equations of the lines. The lines should be put into y-intercept form to match the equations on the Geogebra.



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point  points  slope  slope-intercept 
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15 – 18
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