Parabola Given a focus and directrix

Create slide D with boundaries of -10 to 10 Create line D by typing in input bar x=D Have D show its name and value and rename it Directrix. Create a Point called F Have F show its name and value. Create Parabola by using parabola tool Create h by typing in the input bar h=(x(F) - D) / 2 + D Create k by typing k=y(F) Create Vertex by V=(h,k) and rename it Vertex and have it show name and value. Create p by typing p=(x(F) - h) Create a text box and type x=4*p (y-h )²+k, p, h, & k are objects you have to select them from the object menu. Fix the text box and the slider bar.



Resource Type
parabola  practice 
Target Group (Age)
15 – 18
English (United Kingdom)
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