Feedback to the authors

I found a typo!

Fear not, we are interested in any improvements you might have to add value to our games and exercises. In case you found any problem, please write to and tell us about your love life or any other part of your life that suffered from our work. We are happy to improve it!

I found that I would like to help you with your research!

Since this is part of our research, we are interested in feedback from you that is less private than your love life too! At this link, you find a google form where it would be great for us if you took the time to answer our questions.

The authors

The authors of this tool to learn and investigate patterns consists of Ingrid Grazer, Martin Ertl, Eva Ulbrich, Alex Thaller, Shereen El Bedewy and Julia Handl. We are all associated with the JKU Linz. In case you would like to know more about us, send us a message to! Our specialities are physics, chemistry, math, arts, 3D printing, and informatics. We used GeoGebra to create our ressources.