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Questions for Extension and Application: 1) Was the "triangle" formed truly a triangle? Explain why or why not. 2) What would we need to do to the number of "peels" in order to make the so-called "triangle" formed look more smooth (like a true triangle) vs. a "choppy" triangle? 3) Suppose an above-the-ground circular swimming pool has a radius of 12 feet. What is the area of the exposed surface of the water it contains? 4) Suppose a circular track (that surrounds grass) has a circumference of 500 feet. If 3 bags of grass seed are needed to be spread out across every 100 square feet of grass in the circular region inside this track, determine how many entire bags of grass seed will be needed to cover the entire area of the circular region surrounded by this track. 5) Suppose a 12-inch pizza (pizza with diameter = 12 inches) costs $12.00. Suppose a 24-inch pizza costs $24.00. Which pizza is the better buy? Explain why this pizza is the better buy. (Assume both pizzas have the same thickness.)