Exponential Numbers Forest


Harry Potter Against Witches

About Game

Harry Potter and his friends lost their way. To go Hogwarts, they should use the road in the Exponential Numbers Forest. However, the forest is very dangerous and there are witches who want to catch them. To pass through the forest, they should use the road that witches set traps for them. These traps include magical questions about exponential numbers. If you answer questions correctly, you can help them to go further.

How To Play The Game

1. You should solve problems in an order which is given in the game to reach Hogwarts. 2. You will solve the first question and write the answer that you find in answer box. 3. Then, you should click the check button. 4. If it is written "Next" , you can pass next question. 5. If it is written "Keep trying", you should try again to solve the questions and apply step 3.

Aim of The Game

This game is designed for 7 grade students. Generally, -1, 0, 1 confuse students in exponential numbers and it can cause some misuderstandings. The game is designed to diagnose this misconceptions and to eliminate them. Also, it provides understanding of the importance of paranthesis in exponential numbers. The content includes questions that is presented from simple to complex. After teaching the concept of exponential numbers, you can check your students' understanding with this game. Relevant objective in Turkish Curriculum: M. Expresses the multiplication of the whole numbers with themselves as exponential quantities.