General Information about the Project

Analog game for digital minds - Logifaces methodology The main objective of our project is to develop a new visual educational system for mathematics: the LOGIFACES methodology. The project is based on the Logifaces game, which is a geometric skill-developing game and has artistic values.  The complexity emerging out of its simplicity makes it more than a game, more than art, more than mathematics: these elements come all together – creating synergy in education.   Our main purpose is therefore, with the involvement of different international partners, to develop an educational methodology resulting in: 
  • teaching materials (teacher’s book and student workbook)
  • an internet interface, online materials
  • training of students and teachers in partner schools
The LOGIFACES project will create an educational methodology for skill-The results will be published in a methodology book and related workbooks. We will offer the license of the methodology book free of charge to the state and private school systems of EU countries. The other outcome of the project will be a multi-lingual interactive online interface accessible to everyone for free.
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