Purpose Of Book

To master a topic in mathematics, practice is inevitable. When students are unable to solve a problem on their own, it is often not enough for them to just do the corrections. It's best to immediately give them a similar problem to solve. This will give them the chance to apply what they have just learned. If they can then solve it on their own, it means that they have really understood and learned from their mistakes and will likely be able to solve a similar problem in future. But it is not easy for teachers to come up with a similar problem with the answer immediately. This book is meant to serve this purpose. Each time the "New Problem" button is clicked, a different randomised version of the problem is generated with different set of numbers, orientations, inequality signs etc. But it remains essentially the same problem. The steps to solving it remain the same. The problems in this book are not exam-type questions which are often longer and more difficult. They are meant to help students develop the basic skills they should acquire in solving mathematical problems. The exam-type questions can be found in the following geogebra book. https://www.geogebra.org/m/cph9vsb5