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C. Distance between two points on a coordinate plane

Move endpoints C & D so that CD (the distance between the 2 pts - which is equal to the length of segment CD) is equal to EF. You will fill in the table located below the grid. You will also answer some questions & make some observations

Table directions

If necessary first fill-in the facts for pts E & F Then for your trys: 1. Each time place pts C & D so their distance will be equal to EF. 2. record their coordinates 3. calculate the ∆x & ∆y 4. calculate/determine their distance. **FYI: sqrt is the abbreviation for "square root of" **

short answer

1. The ∆x and ∆y for the pair of pts. in these examples were never equal to zero. What are your take aways?

Short answer

2. What did we need to do in order to get the length of the segments in these examples? (FYI - the length of a segment and the distance between two points will be equal).

Short answer

3. Is there another way to get the distance between two points on a coordinate plane? Explain.