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Copie de Tangram - 5th property of the van Hiele model

You can translate the shapes by dragging the blue curls. You can rotate the shapes by dragging the green curls with the mouse.
Information or inquiry
  1. What can you do with tangram pieces?
Guided or directed orientation
  1. Which piece of a tangram can you make with other three pieces? Four pieces?
  2. Choose two (three, four...) pieces. What objects you can make by rearranging these pieces? Draw and name that objects.
  1. Which pieces of a tangram have a right angle. Pile them up on one another.
  2. What do all the triangles in a tangram have in common?
  3. Which pieces of a tangram have parallel sides? Draw them in your notebook, and draw axes of symmetry.
Open-ended tasks
  1. Rearrange the tangram in a pentagon.
  2. Rearrange the tangram to form a house, a human or an animal.