Pre Assesmnet,"Linear Equations"

Select all of the ordered pairs (x,y) that are solutions to the linear equation 2x+3y=6.

  1. (0,2)
  2. (0,6)
  3. (2,3)
  4. (3,-2)
  5. (3,0)
  6. (6,-2)

A restaurant offers delivery for their pizzas. The total cost is a delivery fee added to the price of the pizzas. One customer pays $25 to have 2 pizzas delivered. Another customer pays $58 for 5 pizzas. How many pizzas are delivered to a customer who pays $80?

A group of hikers park their car at a trail head and hike into the forest to a campsite. The next morning, they head out on a hike from their campsite walking at a steady rate. The graph shows their distance in miles, d, from the car on the day of their hike after h hours.

  1. How far is the campsite from their car? Explain how you know.
  2. Write an equation that describes the relationship between d and h.  
  3. After how many hours will the hikers be 16 miles from their car? Explain or show your reasoning.