GeoGebra Global Gathering - NORTH AMERICA 2018

[size=100][size=150]The [b][color=#351c75]GeoGebra Global Gathering - North America, 2018[/color][/b] will be held at [url=][color=#351c75]Southern Connecticut State University[/color][/url], in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, on [b][color=#351c75]July 11 & 12, 2018. [/color][/b][br][/size][size=150]Get ready to share ideas, try out the latest technologies, explore new ways of teaching and learning, and hear from Markus Hohenwarter about the GeoGebra development roadmap and planning for the future in dynamic mathematics.[br][br]At this conference, there will be a variety of sessions and topics, ranging from GeoGebra curriculum materials workshops, research publication, networking opportunities with GeoGebra community, and, of course, access to the latest software and technologies which are shaping education in the world. [br][br]We have limited space, [b]so register early[/b] to avoid disappointment and to receive information and updates in the lead up to the event![br][br]See you at the GeoGebra Global Gathering - North Amercia 2018![br][br][size=150][b]**An introductory workshop will be provided for beginning users, with no GeoGebra experience (no additional fees) on Tuesday, July 10 (1:00 - 4:00).[/b][/size][/size][/size]
[size=200][color=#0000ff]Keynote Speaker[/color][/size]
[url=][size=200]Markus Hohenwarter[/size][/url]
[size=200][color=#0000ff]Venue[/color][/size][size=200][size=150][br]The conference will be held at the Adanti Student Center at [url=]Southern Connecticut State University[/url], New Haven, CT, USA.[/size][/size]