Transformation Writing Prompt

You are the designer of a children's board game. The producer would like to design an app for the game, but the code writer has the wrong diagram! The code writer sent you the following email: CODE UPDATE REQUEST Hi! I did not get the updated version of the blue triangle for the app. The easiest way for me to update my work is to transform the pre-image I have already created. Could you please explain the transformations I need to write into the code to get the correct image? Make sure you include an explanation of how each transformation impacts each vertex of the triangle so I will be able to confirm that my work is accurate. Thanks! Sandy Write an email back to the code writer so she can update the code for the app. Remember to include the following genre moves required in a mathematical explanation: -Topic Sentence -Reasons behind your thinking -Explain using transition words and a logical order -End your work


Are the pre-image and the image congruent or similar? What does this mean for your transformation?

Check all that apply