Numble: A Daily Numbers Game

Each day is a new Numble! (Play Below)

How To Play Numble

The player must enter a true addition sentence (i.e., the three-digit number to the right of the equal sign must equal the sum of the two-digit numbers to the left of the equal sign). Once an addition sentence is entered, the box around each digit will change to a color. The color key is provided below:
  • Gray: The digit does not exist within the addition sentence.
  • Yellow: The digit does exist within the addition sentence but is misplaced.
  • Green: The digit is an exact match.
The color of each digit can then be analyzed to discover a more accurate solution. The puzzle is complete once each digit turns green, showing that every digit is an exact match. To demonstrate the rules, a video is provided below!

Numble: Example Video

Questions to Consider:

  • How many different puzzles exist?
  • If the third-place value of the sum is not 1, what information does this tell us?
  • Given the color-coded addition sentence 55 + 30 = 085, what are the only remaining possible solutions? Why?