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How the Sun did not become a Black hole

According to Theory fo relativity - that “borderline” radius of 2955 meters "is" the so-called Schwarzschild’s radius of our Sun, and the gravitational potential on the surface of such an object is so strong it stops the course of time entirely, or in other words – time dilatation reaches infinite values with the Gravitational Blueshift (GBS) also being infinite. The impact speed of everybody (on the surface of the Sun) in this scenario equals the speed of light. According to TT, in this scenario - nothing “dark or black” would happen: The gravitational potential would be 0.5; the spacetime angle would be approx. 0.84 rad (48°); the external velocity of the body (during impact) would be approx. 0.75 while the internal velocity would be approx. 1.12, which would be caused by a time contraction of the value 2/3 (meaning the time dilatation would be 1.5)! Not even the Gravitational Blueshift (GBS) would be this close to the “limit”; instead - the value would be “just” ca. 1.65! In the real world - the "creation" of a Black Hole will not occur – it is because the sine, cosine, tangent, and exponential behave “reasonably” even in a strong gravitational field! More info at