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Lady Tasting Tea: Simulating Guesses

Let's run a random experiment. Let's assume for a moment the Lady Tasting Tea could NOT identify which cups had tea poured first or which cups had milk poured first. Instead, she was using a coin to help her decide. If the coin came up heads, she decided the cup had tea poured first. If the coin came up tails, she decided the cup had milk poured first. In the applet below, we have simulated the Lady Tasting (8 cups of) Tea 100 times. The numbers along the x-axis are the number of correct guesses out of 8 she gets correct (again, correct just by flipping a coin).

If the Lady Tasting Tea was just guessing, how many cups would she typically get correct?

Press the re-randomize button 5 times, keeping track of the total number of times she guessed all 8 cups correctly. How many times out of 500 trials did the simulation suggest the Lady Tasting Tea guesses all 8 cups correctly?