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  Tim Brzezinski is a full time mathematics teacher at Wallingford Public Schools (CT) and a part time independent mathematics education consultant (Brzezinski Math). He is an accredited GeoGebra trainer and author and the former Professional Development Director at GeoGebra. He is also a former full time high school mathematics teacher (Berlin High School, CT) w/15 years experience (2002 - 2017) and part time mathematics instructor (Central Connecticut State University) w/15 years experience (2002 - 2017).      In his consulting work, Mr. Brzezinski facilitates active and engaging professional development workshops for mathematics teachers and administrators worldwide.  In these workshops, he demonstrates how many EdTech apps can serve as powerful platforms that effectively foster active, student-centered, and differentiated discovery-based learning, meaningful remediation, and ongoing formative assessment.  Mr. Brzezinski also continues to author interactive GeoGebra resources for mathematics teachers worldwide.     Tim is also a non-professional magician and enjoys spending lots of time with his wife Ashley and their four young energetic children.