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Exploration of Measures of Spread


Click on this link: explore box and whisker plots Trial 1:  Input 10 values into the table.  Use values between 0 - 100.  Write the 5-Number Summary on your scratch sheet. Trial 2: Add 2 more values to Trial 1.  Make sure 1 value is much higher and the other value is extremely low. Write the 5-Number Summary on your scratch sheet. Trial 3:  Add 20 to 5 different values in your table.  Write the 5 - Number Summary Trial 4:  Add 2 more values to your table.  Either add 2 high numbers or 2 low numbers.  Write the 5 - Number Summary REFLECTION:  How does the shape of the graph change as you add low numbers versus high numbers to your table?  What does the shape tell you about the data?

Analyzing Box-&-Whiskers Plot

How does a Box-&-Whiskers Plot describe the SPREAD of the data?

The Box-&-Whiskers Plot breaks the data into __________ equal groups.   Quartile 1 divides the bottom 50% in __________.   Quartile 3 divides the upper 50% in _________________.   The median divides the ENTIRE data set in __________________.   The end of the left whisker represents the ___________________.   The end of the right whisker represents the __________________.    The shape of the Box-&-Whisker tells you how spread out the data is in each group.  The box represents the middle 50%.  The left whisker represents the bottom ____________%.  The right whisker represents the upper ___________________%.