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Geometry Notes Section 1.5: Angle Relationships

Please try #1 while you wait for class to begin. :)
#1) a) Move and review the point, segment, ray, line, and angle. b) Change the colors using the black square that appears when you select the item. c) Draw a new point Toolbar Image , segment Toolbar Image , ray Toolbar Image , line Toolbar Image , and angle Toolbar Image .
Wait for the class, please. :)
     Two angles are COMPLEMENTARY  if the sum their measures is 90˚and SUPPLEMENTARYif the sum is 180˚.  

#2) 1. Complementary, supplementary, or neither? a) 70˚ and 110˚ b) 23˚ and 57˚ c) 17˚ and 73˚

Try #3 on your own:

#3) Find the COMPLEMENT and the SUPPLEMENT for: a) 20˚

b) x˚

c) (90-m)˚

d) (180-t)˚

Adjacent angles are two angles that share a common vertex and a common side, but have no common interior points.
Do #4 and #5 on your PRINTED NOTES.
Complementary and supplementary angle pairs can be adjacent or nonadjacent.
Do #6 and #7 on your PRINTED NOTES. We will do # 8 on your PRINTED NOTES together.
#9 below, and then on PRINTED NOTES

Click the check boxes one by one.

#10 together on PRINTED NOTES.