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Unit 1 Lesson 4 Construction Technique: Equilateral Triangle

Look at the image above. What do you notice? What do you wonder? [Write at least 1 noticing AND 1 wondering]

BELOW is a straightedge and compass construction of a regular hexagon inscribed in a circle just before the last step of drawing the sides: Use the polygon tool (the one that looks like a triangle) to draw at least 2 DIFFERENT Equilateral Triangles. The vertices of your triangles should be intersection points in the figure. Shade in your polygons using different colors to make them easier to see. Use the style bar to change the color. Click the "move" tool, select your polygon, click style bar(it's the purple circle/triangle icon and change the color)

Write at least 2 conjectures (things you think are true) about the polygons you made. [Are any of the sides equal? What do you think about the angles?]

Given the segment below, use Compass and Straightedge moves to construct an equilateral triangle. [Hint: Start with a circle, add more circles the same size...]

Explain how you know your Triangle is EQUILATERAL.