Chapter 1: Line Symmetry (dn)

Chapter 1: Line Symmetry (Dn) Below students are given 4 polygons, 2 regular and 2 irregular. Students are to look upon these 4 polygon individually and give the number of line symmetries in each polygon. Students will be able to look back in their previous notes to compare these figures to others discussed in class. Students will then be asked to answer questions following the worksheet given. *Hint: Polygon #4 was created through perpendicular lines; MR and OP.

Q1: Looking at each polygon individually, Polygon 1,2,3,4... Tell me how many lines of symmetry each polygon has individually. Polygon1: Polygon2: Polygon3: Polygon4: Q2: Looking at only the regular polygons, can you tell me a relationship between the number of points these polygons have and the number of symmetrical lines? Why? Q3: Using your notes, come up with 2 more regular polygons and their lines of symmetry? Q4: Looking at only the irregular polygons, can you tell me if irregular polygons can have lines of symmetry? (Use your *hint above) (advance) Q5: Tell me at least one thing that irregular polygons need to have in order to have lines of symmetry.