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Trapezoid or Trapezium? and the Median.

A Trapezoid is an irregular quadrilateral with 4 unequal sides: 2 opposite parallel bases, 2 opposite non-parallel legs, 4 interior angles that equal 360 degrees, and an altitude (height) line that is the distant from one base line to the other base line at an right angle. ( Fun fact: Parallel are 2 lines of equal distant that never touch; perpendicular lines touch/intersect and form a 90 degree angle/right angle.)

1. Watch the this video: Properties of a Trapezoid and/ or Trapezium

2. Answer the trivial math fact?

2. Answer the trivial math fact?
Where and who uses trapezoid and/or trapezium?

More about trapezoids.

There can be more than one altitude/height line within a trapezoid as long as the lines form a 90 degree angle. The altitude line is used to find the area of a trapezoid.

3. Play the with the trapezoid by moving the slider and the white dots.

A regular/scalene and irregular/isosceles trapezoid

Median of Trapezoid The Median (midline or midsegment) is a line that is half-way between the two bases. The median is the average of the 2 base lengths.
Perimeter of Trapezoid The Perimeter is the sum of all 4 side lengths.

4. Find the median, the area , and the perimeter.

1. b = 6 , b = 4, h = 3 2. b = 4, b = 2, h = 1.3 3. b = 3, b = 2, h = 1.9 4. b = 7, b = 6, h = 2

5. Label all parts of the trapezoids.

5. Label all parts of the trapezoids.


1. Using the numbers in question 4, create your own trapezoids; label them with the bases, legs, parallel lines, diagonals, and the altitude,