Tech Savvy Project


Give the definitions for translation, reflection, rotation, and dialation in your own words.


What is the distance tha the translation is moving?

How does the direction and length of the vector effect the image of ?


Move the red polygon ABCD, what changes occur? How does it effect the diagram?

Move the point Z. What changes occur?

What's the difference between changing point Z or polygon ABCD?

Describe the steps when making the image A'B'C'D'


In the link below: 1) click on the button "ROTATE MONA" 2) Using the slider that changes the angle, practice rotating Mona around point A. 3) Reset the slider to 0° 4) Move point A to (-3,0) and practice rotating Mona again. 5) Reset the slider again 6) Reset point A back to the origin point 7) Set the angle of rotation to 45° 8) Move the original Mona around 9)Reset Mona to her orginal location 10) Move one of the corners so that she becomes larger Messing with Lisa
Answer the following questions based on rotations with Mona Lisa

Step 2)

What geometric shape does a full rotation make? How many degrees are there in this shape?

step 4)

What changes when you move the point of rotation? How does it effect the diagram?

step 8)

What is happening to the image of Mona? Explain why.

Describe the steps when rotating a figure around a point


What is the factor the image dialated by?

What about ?

Describe the process in how we perform a dilation