House Floor Plan Project (Summative Grade)

Directions (Read carefully):

In this project, you will be creating a digital 2-dimensional drawing of your dream home! First, create a Geogebra account using your GCPS Google account in order to save your work and return to it when necessary. This dream home will include everything and anything you desire. It will also include some of the geometrical shapes we have been studying. You will be the architect and the construction manager of this project. This Floor Plan project is due on Friday, 3/12/2021 at Midnight.


The first part of your project will be to create a digital plan drawing of one floor of your home. It must include distances and measurements, and must also include at least one of each of these types of shapes: • Square • Rectangle • Triangle • Circle (at least a portion of a circle, for example a semi circle) Your digital design/drawing must have these elements: Each of your rooms must be clearly labeled (what type of room is it and what type of shape it is), dimensions and neatly drawn. Rooms Required (at least the following, but it can have more…….make it like what you would like to have): • 2 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • 1 kitchen • 1 garage • 1 living room You will use a scale for your drawing so that your drawing is realistic and life-like. Your home should have realistic measurements, and should be something someone would actually live in. Refer to floor plans on the Internet for assistance. On your digital graph paper, each wall must be at least 10ft long. Each unit on your grid is equivalent to 2 feet.


a) In this part of your project you will calculate the area of your house. You will need to find the area of each room and clearly show all of your work in the text box below! (Write the room name next the area formula and total area.) Area Formulas: Area of a Square = (side)(side) Area of a Rectangle = (base)(height) Area of a Triangle = (½)(base)(height) Area of a Circle = (Pi)(radius)(radius) (round up to nearest square foot) The value of your home is relative to the square footage. b) Calculate the value of your designed house if each square footage is $125.


a) This part of your project is to calculate the volume of your house. You will need to have at least 2 rooms to be either of prism or pyramid shaped. The height of each room must at least be 8 feet tall, but you can indicate how high you want it to be. In the textbox below, write the name of each room and it's total volume using the volume formulas below. Show your work. Volume Formulas: where B is the area of the base and h is the height Volume of Prisms = Bh Volume of Pyramids = 1/3Bh b)The average cost to heat your home is 40 cents for every 100 cubic feet per month. How much will it cost to keep your house warm for a month?

Follow the Rubric below for full credit

Follow the Rubric below for full credit