Are they rectangles?

Objective: Rectangles: Students will be able to test the two rectangles by moving points to see if they are are true rectangles or not.

1. First remember what the qualities of a rectangle are. 2. Can you move the points on the rectangle AFED? If so, does moving any of the points change the shape enough to make it no longer have qualities of a rectangle? 3. If you move a point on the rectangle AFED that makes it lose it's qualifications of a triangle, what points did you move? 4. What points can you move on the AFED rectangle that will still allow it to stay a rectangle? 5. Moving on to the rectangle GHIJ, is this shape a rectangle if you move any or all points? If it changes/loses the quality of a rectangle, what points did you move? 6. If it stays a rectangle to matter what points you try to move, or do move, why is it still a rectangle?