Locus #1

In the figure below, the "slider" controls the distance from point A to point B. [br][br]Try moving the slider. What happens to point B?
Try moving point B around the screen. What happens to AB?
Set your slider so that AB = 5 (or as close as you can get it). This means that point B is 5 units away from point A. Move point B to a different location [i]without[/i] adjusting the slider. The new location of B is also 5 units away from point A.[br][br]Right-click on point B and turn the [b]trace[/b] on. This will show all the places that B goes when you move it.[br][i]Without[/i] adjusting the slider, move point B around the screen. Notice that it always stays 5 units away from point A.[br][br]The trace of B shows [b]the locus of points [/b]that are 5 units from A. What does this locus look like? Be specific. Use appropriate vocabulary.
How would the locus change if we changed AB to 10?

Information: Locus #1