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Lesson 3: Perpendicular Bisectors

3.1 Perpendicular Bisector


Is point C the midpoint of segment AB?


Use compass and straightedge moves to construct the perpendicular bisector for segment PR.


Mr. Garcia made the construction below. He claims that point E is the midpoint of segment MN. Is he correct? Perform the perpendicular bisector construction to see if he is correct.

3.5 Is point X the midpoint? Prove your response with the perpendicular bisector construction.

3.6 Follow the steps below to preform the geometric construction

1) Create a circle centered at B, with radius BA 2) Create a circle centered at A with radius AC 3) Create a circle centered at C with radius CA 4) Circles A and C intersect at two points, place a point labeled D on the intersection furthest right. 5) Connect point D and B with a line