" The i Clock "

The " i Clock " - Start /Stop - " Button at Bottom Left of Page "- Please follow instructions in " Red " to " Reset " - I did not know how to reset: Using buttons I) We have an Area difference inside the Red Square - That difference of Values make up the Clock Seconds - Time(u) 2) Speed - Is actually the Expansion of " i " : I had to slow down the Expansion which is the Speed being Accelerated.... 3) This is about 20 Seconds. Notice the Ratio of (.697 to 1 ) - about the Same as my Value in RV sigma ; (-.69 )- these numbers keep coming up in the Geometry... 4) To Clear Blue Circular Path - Hit Stop Button at Bottom Left of Page - Then Scroll ( in - out ) with your mouse to Reset Blue Path. 5) Blue Path : Cos - Sin on Point on Circle; Complex Values are their Coordinates
Please Follow instructions - Scroll in and out with your Mouse to Reset the Blue Circular Path - The Blue Path is the Cos(M) and Sin(M) that is Point on Circle - their Values are Complex Numbers that make up that Interesting Blue Path.....