The airlift

An airlift has been set up in the Dolomiti. Press ⏯ to see it move. You will notice that a shadow of its starting position stays in place. Watch it do it a few trips up the mountain.
1. a) Now press play/pause to stop it and check the box in the top left corner to show the grid. Compare how and moved b) Considering your answer to a), what can you deduce concerning the lengths of and ? And what of and ? c) What is the nature of ? d) Cite another pair of segments with the same properties 2. a) Suggest a way to show on the drawing that the airlift has moved from toward and not the opposite b) Now check the box in the bottom right corner to see how it is usually done. One says that is the image of by the translation by the vector . Cite two other vectors that can be used to describe this motion. Conclusion: The vectors cited in the previous question are said to be equals. Draw two other equals vectors and and try to guess a definition of equality for vectors. Picture "Dolomites" by ṜέđṃάяķvюĨїήīṣŢ via -