Quadratic modeling

Quadratic modeling
  1. Using matrix equations, find the quadratic function that models the situation (round to 4 decimals).
  2. Using the "input" bar on the graph, graph your quadratic function. How does this compare to the curvature of the 2 hills?
  3. Find the axis of symmetry using the following formula: x=-b/2a
  4. Find the coordinate of the vertex by hand. How does this compare to the graph?
  5. How could you find a more accurate function to model this parabola? Do it and graph the function. How does this compare to your original?
  6. Print your screen, paste it into word and print (change to paper orientation to landscape if need be) ***make sure you are printing the parabola after inputting your function!!!***
  7. Put your name on your graph!!!!