Altitudes and Orthocenter

TASK 1 3 colored segments with a altitudes are given. Try to connect all three segments to form a triangle. Respond to the question once you complete the task.

Response What have you noticed about the altitudes of the segments after a triangle has been constructed? Explain.

========================== PART 2 ========================
TASK 2 Draw All 3 Altitudes of the Triangle Step 1: Use perpendicular line Toolbar Imageto draw the altitudes of the triangle (side, vertex) Step 2: Use Toolbar Imageto locate the intersection of the altitudes (vertex, vertex, vertex)

Response Use the activity to describe in your own words orthocenter of a triangle. Use your own words.

VOCABULARY Orthocenter The orthocenter is the point of concurrency of the altitudes of a triangle. Simply, the orthocenter is the point where the altitudes of a triangle intersect.
========================== PART 3 ========================
TASK 3 Drag the orange vertex across to change the type of triangle. Observe how the Orthocenter changes its position in regard to a triangle: Inside, Outside, and On. How does the type of triangle (obtuse, acute, right) relate to the location of its orthocenter?

Question 1 The Orthocenter is Outside in...

Check all that apply

Question 2 The Orthocenter is Inside in...

Check all that apply

Question 1 The Orthocenter is On in...

Check all that apply