MatemaTech Lesson Plan Template


Lesson Information

  • Subject: Mathematics
  • Grade Level:
  • Duration:
  • Technology setting: e.g. teacher computer with projector, student computers,...


Please describe the topic of your lesson.

Real Life Application in Companies

Please describe in which kind of companies and in which ways this topic is applied in everyday life.

Learning Outcomes

Please describe the learning outcomes of your lesson.
  • Which knowledge, skills and / or attitudes will your students aquire during the lesson?
  • What will your students know after the lesson?
  • What will your students be able to do as a result of the lesson?

Lesson Objectives and Assessment

Please describe the objectives and assessment of your lesson.
  • What are the required objectives to achieve those outcomes?
  • What are the appropriate methods for assessing those objectives?
  • How will you assess the effectiveness of the lesson?

Teaching Strategies

Please describe the strategies and activities used in your lesson.
  • What kind of teaching-learning methods, techniques and learning activities are you going to use?
  • What equipment, software, media and materials will you need in order to carry out the instructional strategies?
  • How should the resources be arranged to support instruction and learning? On which phase of the lesson and for what are you going to use technology?


Please explain and add links to the online resources you will use in your lesson / your students will work with.

Technology Integration

Please describe your plan to minimize technology problems during your lesson.
  • Do you your students need any previous knowledge to adequately use technology during the lesson? How can you help them to acquire these skills prior to the lesson?
  • What planning is required to make sure the technology resources work well?
  • What is your backup plan if there is a problem about the technology part?