GeoGebra News - January 2022

New Features in Classroom: Workswitcher and Task Overview page

You can see the new Workswitcher in the middle of the header of all enlarged views in the teacher perspective. Teachers can navigate to the next or previous enlarged view. The new Task Overview page has no task-cards anymore but allows you to display the complete activity with some adaptions.
In conclusion:
  • Get an immediate interactive preview of task(s) on a page. No need to go to a new tab.
  • See overall student progress for any specific task.
  • Quickly toggle among all student work for any specific task.
See these changes in all lessons of GeoGebra Classroom:

GeoGebra Input Update

Users can now type math when answering open ended questions in Activities and in Classroom. Check out the update on every open ended question on the GeoGebra website:

GeoGebra Suite in Notes

We now not only have Graphing and CAS but a GeoGebra tool which loads the Suite App. In this way users can choose which GeoGebra App they want to use. Another benefit: if you choose Graphing it has the full power without restrictions compared to the standalone Graphing App. Check out the new tools in the GeoGebra Notes App:

New Features in Notes: Ruler and Protractor

New to GeoGebra Notes are the Ruler and Protractor tools! Also, when you drag the pen along the side of the ruler, it creates a straight segment! Find them in the pen view in GeoGebra Notes:

GeoGebra Community Involvement

We want to give everyone the ability to be actively involved with GeoGebra and its user community. Become a Follower, Contributor, Ambassador, form an Institute, or Network and earn the ability to display your “GeoGebra badge” as part of your personal signature. Find more information about the program and how to sign up:

GeoGebra joins BYJU’S family!

In our new partnership with BYJU’S our apps, resources, GeoGebra Classroom and other features will continue to be available to the public for free. This will not change. In fact, this new partnership now empowers us to greatly improve these existing features while we create new ones. More information about this great new partnership: In a conversation with JKU rector Meinhard Lukas, Markus talked about the early years of GeoGebra and what the future of GeoGebra looks like—also with regard to the new investor BYJU'S. Even if the interview is in German, you can display the subtitles in your language. Just open the video in YouTube, click on the Settings icon of the YouTube video, choose Subtitles, select Auto-translate and choose your language.

Learn GeoGebra

Looking for help using GeoGebra? On our Learn GeoGebra page you can find quick links to learn more about our apps and website. Do you have specific questions? There is more than one way to get an answer! Check out the options on our Learn GeoGebra page.