Free Digital Math Curriculum by GeoGebra

Illustrative Math is the highly acclaimed, content and practice standard focused, curriculum where students learn to understand and make connections between concepts and procedures. And now, GeoGebra makes this Open Educational Resource available to you digitally for free!

Explore Free Curriculum

Explore this powerful classroom-ready curriculum and view brief video tutorials on how to easily begin using Illustrative Mathematics and GeoGebra in your classroom today.
“Digital” doesn’t mean merely PDF copies, but rather hundreds of additional interactive activities that engage students in any live, virtual, or hybrid instructional setting. Using GeoGebra Classroom, teachers are able to monitor and formatively assess their students’ work and progress in real time on any type of device. Currently available for grades 6 through 8, with high school courses (Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II) to be released in the Spring of 2021!   And of course, coming from the organization’s core vision of ensuring there are no barriers to learning and exploring mathematics by cost, or location, or context,... it’s free! You'd like to try our free curriculum in your school?  Contact us!