UCSS Math I 4.1.1 Example 3

The website Rate My Phone conducts reviews of smartphones. One aspect of the phones that is tested is battery life. The minutes of battery life for the newest 25 phones is recorded in the table below. Draw a box plot to represent the data.
  1. Order the data from least to greatest. Note the minimum and maximum data values.
  2. Find the median of the data.
  3. nd the first quartile of the data.
  4. Find the third quartile of the data.
  5. Draw a number line that includes the minimum and maximum data values.
  6. Draw a box, beginning at the first quartile and ending at the third quartile.
  7. Draw a line in the box at the median.
  8. Draw a point at the minimum and maximum data values.
  9. Connect the minimum and maximum data values to the box.
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