rotation worksheet

This transformation is a 90 degrees clockwise rotation around point k of the pre-image(darker pink) to the image(lighter pink). To make a rotation, certain elements need to be present. First, there has to be a center of rotation. In a rotation, the pre-image always needs to rotate around something. We call this point the center of rotation. In a grid, the origin is usually used as the center of rotation. Next, there needs to be an angle that the pre-image is rotated by. There is a total of 360 degrees in a circle and the angle of rotation will tell at what part of the circle the image is located. A 360 degree rotation is equal to not rotating the pre-image at all. Next, there needs to be a direction that the pre-image is being rotated. There are only two possible directions, Clockwise or counterclockwise. Clockwise represents moving in a negative to the right and counterclockwise represents moving in a positive direction to the left. When it comes time to rotate an image, each point on the pre-image has to be rotated exactly the same measure. This means that each point will have to be rotated in the exact same direction at the exact same angle along the exact same center of rotation. If all these steps are Followed, a rotation can take place.