GeoGebra Commands, Spreadsheets and Statistics

In this lesson you will be introduced to GeoGebra Commands, how to use Spreadsheets and using GeoGebra for Statistics.[br][br]Some examples of GeoGebra files are displayed in section 2 to give you a [br]sense of what can be achieved.  You should then work through the skills [br]and constructions sections before trying the tasks.

Inflection points on a cubic

GeoGebra Commands

A full list of GeoGebra Commands by category can be accessed at: [url=][/url][br][br]The input bar should auto-complete commands and suggest the syntax.[br][br]Try entering some commands in the GeoGebra window below, e.g:[br]Derivative[f][br]Invert[f][br]

Using Functions and GeoGebra Commands

Construction steps
[list=1][*]Add a slider [b]b[/b][/*][*]Add a slider [b]c[/b][/*][*]In the input bar enter [b]f(x)=x^2+b*x+c[/b][/*][*]In the input bar enter [b]g(x)=Factor[f][/b][br][/*][*]In the input bar enter [b]h(x)=CompleteSquare[f][/b][br][/*][/list]


Create GeoGebra worksheets that feature the use of GeoGebra Commands, Spreadsheets and Statistics[br][br]Suggested ideas:[br][list][*]Using the commands to find derivatives, turning points, inflection points or[br][/*][*]integrals[br][/*][*]Factorising/expanding polynomials[br][/*][*]Recording the derivative at a point on a curve to a spreadsheet[br][/*][*]Displaying the terms of a geometric sequence[br][/*][*]Maclaurin/Taylor series[br][/*][*]Import a dataset to the spreadsheet and use GeoGebra to analyse it[br][/*][/list]